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Ludia selected as one of montréal’s top employers!

Once again this year, our commitment to the well-being of our employees is recognized and rewarded with a place in the “Montreal’s Top Employer 2021” ranking!

A solid foundation of balance and sharing

At Ludia, our employees are our greatest strength. We work every day to develop a culture based on inclusion, humanity, collaboration, and balance.

This distinction rewards and reaffirms Ludia’s consistent efforts to offer a superior quality work environment, prioritizing cooperation, wellbeing, respect, and our employee’s work-life balance.  

The Montreal Top Employers 2021 ranking is based on 8 criteria divided to reward the most exceptional work environments in the Greater Montreal area!

(1) Physical work environment;
(2) Work atmosphere and social aspect;
(3) Health, financial, and family benefits,
(4) Holidays and free time;
(5) Dedicated employee communications;
(6) Performance management;
(7) Training and skills development;
(8) Community involvement.

This year Ludia has shown itself to be a leader in many of these categories but has particularly distinguished itself in work-life balance. Ludia offers 3 weeks of paid vacation as well as a paid year-end vacation on top of the 10 mobile days per year allocated to our employees. As well, we have our studio’s success with our Ludians with an annual bonus, all on top of our generous referral program for which the bonus can go up to $5,000 per hire!

This is just the beginning and we hope to distinguish ourselves even more next year! 

Ludia is also ranked amongst Canada’s top employers for recent graduates!

We strongly believe in the talent of each and every one of our graduates, who will soon become some of the best talents in our industry. We aim to support them in developing to their full potential as they are essential in bringing us a fresh perspective! They achieve this while they learn from the knowledge and expertise of their peers, allowing us through this corporation to look to innovation. This is why we are proud to be part of this ranking of Canada’s Top Employers for recent graduates!

Continuous work

Beyond these distinctions, it’s above all the satisfaction and recognition we daily receive from our employees that pushes us to question ourselves, nourish our thoughts, and explore more and more ways to offer the best to our exceptional Ludians.

The past year has brought us its share of challenges and the future will certainly require us to adapt and continuously change, but we are ready and enthusiastic to work on these upcoming projects!

Our next big project related to the well-being of our employees for 2021? Our flexibility program! Complete flexibility, choice of work environment all within a 100% customizable program designed to best meet the needs of our Ludians. We want to guarantee them adapted spaces, ways of working aligned with their expectations and needs while respecting their health and safety, facilitating collaboration, creativity, and personal development. We aim to provide them with all the tools needed to keep giving their best selves in creating high-quality games that touch people’s lives! 

All of this because people are at the heart of everything we do! 

Learn more about the ranking of Montreal’s Top Employers and why Ludia was selected: