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Recruiting remotely during the COVID crisis

The current situation is quite particular, but we are lucky to be part of such a booming industry abuzz with activity, and fully operational with all staff now working remotely. Beyond Live support for our games, we continue to work hard on our games in development. We are also working hard to complete our teams so that projects may continue to move forward.
Frédérique et Marion, our Talent Acquisition Specialists, are always on the lookout for new recruits. Here are a couple of details about Ludia and the procedures put in place.

Adapted procedures

One of the strengths of our Talent Acquisition team is their ability to recruit remotely through global recruitment for international profiles. Before announcing that Ludians would be working from home, they already had a solid process down pat. Many managers had already gone through this exercise and were equipped with the tools necessary to move forward without any major issues. That being said, a period of adaptation was imperative. 
In order to not lose the quality of in-person recruitment processes, the team takes their time, they’ve added steps so that everyone concerned can follow advancements and be comfortable with how things are rolling-out. They make sure that every step is properly concluded before hopping onto the next. 

They of course, use internal tools such as Slack and Hangouts, but they’ve taken preparation one step further. The most important aspect is communication, the exchanges they have with candidates. They therefore don’t neglect preparation, follow-ups and conclusions. All parties must be able to express themselves, ask questions, provide details, raise doubts, and interrogate. All that demands learning and adjustment, but especially a benevolent support from both the candidates and the Ludians involved in the recruitment process.

Our teams are more organized than ever. Frédérique et Marion were inspired by our games and applied best practices on recruitment processes: added steps, becoming stricter on QA milestones, working in a more agile way… 

They are continuously bettering this process in regards to feedback from internal contacts and candidates. 

The importance of people

Because we spend a lot of time using various software and tools, and that conversations are essentially virtual as of today, we have placed an increasing emphasis on the value of people in our remote hiring process.

The fact that we’re only seeing people through videoconferencing: sound problems arise, connexion issues ensue, these are all daily challenges. It is also often complicated to match the feeling that we may have meeting a candidate in the flesh. 

So, again, we’ve taken the decision to take our time, to keep up with good habits. Patience and support are key words in this situation. Our recruiters support Ludians who are leading the interviews by keeping the conversation fluid. Often videoconferencing can be awkward when there are more than 2 people present. They pay special attention to each participant in order to dig deeper on certain subjects, raise doubts, clarify situations, all of which lead to high quality interviews. 

But what Marion and Frédérique have realized is that in the end, this adapted procedure allows them a lot more proximity with those involved. They exchange more, but also because the current situation is global and touches everyone. There’s a feeling of solidarity. They take the time to ensure that everyone is comfortable and they try to lessen any anxieties. Comprehension and support is felt and shared by everyone.

What about new employee integration?

In all honesty, new employee integration in this context adds a level of difficulty and is a challenge. But integration for new employees has still been happening in the last weeks, and it’s turning out to be very positive. 

New logistics have been put in place for newcomers. There are obviously no studio visits or the physical discovery of workstations, but essential elements are still very much part of new employee onboarding! Our new Ludians receive their work equipment to work from home and are greeted on day one by a member of the Talent and Culture team for the habitual presentation of the studio. Everything is done virtually, of course, with a shared screen for the presentation. We also never forget to take the time to share a coffee and answer any and all questions. Next, via a group conversation or by videoconference we present the new recruit to their team, and their adventure at Ludia begins.

At a distance, yes, but isolated, definitely not. 

In the current context we know that a solid, structured recruitment process and integration is even more imperative and we are always looking for ways to better it.

Like everyone else, this unprecedented situation is a learning experience, and we are making an effort to learn and take away the good from these lessons. We sincerely hope that all these additional efforts will give candidates the best possible experience. We are doing and will continue doing everything in our power to adapt quickly and efficiently to all possible outcomes. 

A career change is such an important step, even more so today. It’s also why our teams put people first; in the end people are at the heart of what we do.