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International Mobility at Ludia

At Ludia, we know that the talent and passion for our industry is immeasurable all around the world. We are very proud of the richness brought on by the diversity of our teams. It allows us to always level up and push ourselves to develop professionally as much as personally. That’s why we also recruit internationally! 

An International Outlook

Within our fully bilingual studio, there is a true openness and a key value lies in the heart of our close-knit community: inclusion. Inclusion, in the general sense of the word, but also when it comes to the integration of our international talents.

Quebec and Canada are abundant with talent, and this impresses us every day. But sometimes, it also happens that our perfect candidate can’t be found in Canada. In order to offer our teams the best talents that combine skill and passion, and the candidates their best job opportunities, we do not limit ourselves to the Canadian borders. 

Today over 20% of Ludians are international recruits who have been supported throughout their relocations by our Talent Acquisition Specialists and our dedicated International Mobility Specialist. Many Ludians have also moved beyond to complete their permanent residency and have settled permanently in Quebec, so that they may continue to enjoy life in Montreal and Quebec as well as pursue their professional evolution at Ludia! What a beautiful change of life for these Ludians!

Reflections and Recruitment Process

If you are interested in the international mobility experience, you must already have lots of questions about the processes and procedures. So, in order to help you make a well thought-out decision and organize your future plans, here is a short and non-exhaustive guide: 

First, an international mobility process is a project that requires a real in-depth reflection. Our advice for you is to ask yourself the right questions beforehand and how you envision your future life projects in order to anticipate changes and their consequences. Moving to Canada is not just about moving into a new home, especially when you have a family. Between your job, home, daycare, relationships with relatives, immigration processes and so on, the changes are sometimes very major.

Before applying to Ludia in the hopes of joining our crew, here are a few things to keep in mind:

– Think carefully about your life projects (and that of your family’s).

– Seek out information about life in Canada, Quebec, and more specifically Montreal. 

– Find out about the procedures, permits, and your potential status according to your situation (we will of course accompany you in your research, but an informed and motivated candidate will make a great impression on our recruiters! 😉).

Once you have reflected on it, this decision will be the beginning of a great adventure! Let’s start with the recruitment process, here’s how it works:

  1. You find and apply for a position that matches your aspirations, profile, and skill set, or you apply through the “Name your job” application describing how motivated you are to join us! Add any information about your potential status in Quebec, if applicable.
  1. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will carefully review your application and profile.
  1. Your application and profile are promising? Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will get in touch with you and arrange a telephone or video conference call. During this call, they will discuss with you: your profile, your skill set, your motivation to join Ludia, and your motivation to start an international mobility project. The information discussed will also allow us to evaluate what is possible for you in terms of mobility, Visa, permits, and procedures.
  1. Your profile caught the attention of our team and our International Mobility Specialist has given us the green light for the immigration process! You will then move on to the interview stage. Depending on the position and profile, you may meet several people during one or more interviews (expert, manager, a member of your team) and may be required to complete technical tests.
  1. It’s a perfect match? We make you an offer! If this isn’t the case, we’ll let you know as soon as possible, keep your profile in mind, and will definitely call you back if another opportunity comes up!  
  1. Once the offer is accepted, your adventure begins, as well as the immigration process.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists will be there every step of the way to accompany you and answer all your questions.

Accompaniment: Welcome and Integration

Once the offer is received, your adventure can begin! It may seem like a daunting step, but our International Mobility Specialist, our Talent Acquisition Specialists, and your team will be there to support you.

At Ludia, we support our future international Ludians on several levels:

– Assistance with procedures and work permit processing.

– Depending on the profile (position and family situation), a relocation package may include: the cost of temporary accommodation for a few weeks, reimbursement of relocation fees and travel expenses, and accompaniment by an external partner upon arrival.

Our partner can, depending on the situation, help a new international employee settle in by taking care of: welcoming them at the airport, accompanying them to obtain a Social Insurance Number, obtaining their RAMQ card from the Quebec Health Insurance, etc.

And of course, we offer an amazing and complete internal integration, even virtually! When working from home, your equipment is sent directly to your door and our IT team is present to help set everything up a few days before your first official day.

Then, a schedule is prepared for you on your first day to discover more about the ins and outs of the studio, your advantages, and to help get to know other new Ludians, the Talent and Culture team and your own team. Integration meetings and events continue throughout the week, not to mention everything else that awaits you afterwards as a Ludian!

For those who want or require, Ludia also offers language classes in French and English.


International Mobility and Covid-19

The current pandemic has inevitably had an impact on our current international recruitment. However, this does not prevent Ludia from keeping an eye open and speaking with some very interesting international candidates. It may take a little longer than usual but we continue to look for the best talents for our teams and to integrate them into our studio as best we can! Don’t hesitate to submit your application!


A career change is always a very important step in everyone’s life, and even more so when it includes international mobility. It can be a pretty stressful and intimidating leap. That’s why our team always places people at the heart of each process and discussion in order to best support them, because we know that you will make Ludia shine even brighter in the future!

Join us today!