Feedback on the neurodiversity panel ludia x urelles

We want to thank everyone who came and added to the amazing conversation that was last week’s panel on neurodiversity, as well as our amazing panelists Martin, Iris, Marianne, Michel and moderator Chloé. The panel spanned many topics, including but not limited to: 

·       Seeing neurodiversity as a strength, but also as a characteristic that is inherently diverse like hair or eye color 
·       Dispelling myths that people are ”suffering from autism” 
·       Asking for accommodations in not only your workplace but in the hiring process. This includes ensuring that the questions during the hiring process are clear, and worded in a way that is accessible. 
·       Terms like Neurodiversity can include Neurotypical people, where as terms like Neuroatypical do not include neurotypical people. Neurodivergent is an often used term as well. 
·        Many people use different terms, and feel comfortable with different terms and what is important is that the terms help convey the experience, possible strengths, and needs of the person. 
·       Getting an autism or neurodivergent diagnosis is increasingly difficult for adults, and specifically women.
·       Women do not have a ”different type” of autism, but interact with different social structures, which can often change the presentation of neurodivergency. 
·       The need to create the ability for all individuals to ask for accommodations, in a non-judgemental way, that will not detract from their candidature, or their role. 
·       Understanding the ever-changing needs of specifically neurodivergent individuals within working from home, and home hybrid, online or in person workplaces can adapt. 

Couldn’t make it last week? Check out the recording of the panel below! 

Ludia and URELLES, were so inspired by your engagement, as well we feel there is so much more conversation to be had, that we have chosen to put on a second edition, focusing on Neurodiversity and Intersectionality. 

Keep a lookout for more info on the new panelists, as well as links for tickets in the coming days!

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