Drawing dragons with Dreamworks


Working with licenses in the video game industry can be a complex topic: a formidable source of opportunities for some, a creativity brake for others. One could agree that there are as many reasons to work with licenses as there are existing brands and studios.

But how does it work at Ludia? How do we work with our licenses? Do our artists feel constrained in their creativity? A quick feedback from Philippe, artist on Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Working hand in hand

After studying art and animation, Philippe joined Ludia 4 years ago and has since worked on exciting projects with Dreamworks, such as Kung Fu Panda and Dragons: Titan Uprising: “I am responsible for the artistic design of the games and visuals”, says Philippe.

How does it work in practice?

Well, for the Dragons: Titan Uprising game for example, the Ludia Game Designer may need a new dragon. This is where Philippe comes in. His work consists in imagining and drawing the dragon including the research phase, sketching, adding texture, final drawing, colorimetry: everything is well thought through. Philippe collaborates with Dreamworks throughout the whole process to bring this unique universe, its dragons and characters to life.  They share the visuals, make live comments and are in constant touch until the final validation.

Steady and stimulating challenges

“My passion has always been to draw and to create”.

One might think that this process restricts creativity. “Well not at all, Philippe assures us, I love working with licenses, because I am constantly challenged in my designs and proud to work with great brands like Dreamworks. Licenses actually require from us to bring in a certain creativity and continuously nurture them with new ideas and designs”.

That’s what makes Ludia so unique: the special relationship with licenses and the constant collaboration in the respect of creativity. According to Philippe, working at Ludia has not only given him the feeling of being part of a family, but also the freedom to live his passion on a daily basis by creating new characters for the games.

“When I create, I like to put myself in the shoes of our fanbase, it helps me to better understand what they expect from new characters, whether bad guys or hybrid dragons. »

And for those who still think that licenses do not leave room for creativity and slow down ideas, did you know that Dreamworks regularly uses our exclusive creations for their narrative universe! How cool is that?

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