What does it mean to be inclusive at Ludia?

At Ludia, we embrace diversity, whether in trades, origins, languages, individuals and their passions, expertise and personalities. Being a Ludian is also about taking action, even if small, to improve the feeling of being part of a crew and to build a more convivial, secure space at Ludia where we can all feel like home.


This year is a special year at Ludia, because for the first time, the company decided to walk the Pride Walk with other Gaming studios here at Montréal on the 18th of August 2019. “ I am so happy we are finally being part of the Pride Walk, I have been waiting for that day” says Leslie Martin, a french Technical artist and Ludian for 6 years.

If there is one thing we can say about Ludia, is that everyone here feels accepted and part of a crew. It’s one of the reasons why people stay. “For a long time, I didn’t feel normal, wondering about my sexuality, my purpose, what it meant to be a woman. Today I have learnt to embrace my femininity, and changing countries broadened my view on things. LGBT in Canada is much more developed and accepted than in other countries, same sex marriage was already recognized in 2005!” Leslie does not really believe in gender binarism, gender is a spectrum. When we look at the new generations growing up in a more accepting world, the line between genders becomes more ambiguous and people are more free to be true to themselves.

A lot of initiatives have been set in place at Ludia to build a healthy working environment, for everyone to feel included and accepted. Starting with our given classes around manners and respect for each other at work, our lunch & learn sessions given by colleagues, where they speak about depression, burn-out, autism, self-improvement, meditation for instance. “It’s cool to see how people are more and more comfortable here to share their personal findings and experiences without being ashamed”

Room for improvement

But there is always room for improvement in our society and at Ludia. Steps have been taken, but as a company we should always continue to evolve. Suggestions were made, such as building a community representing marginalized individuals at Ludia, having non-gendered bathrooms and a noise-free room for those affected by stress and anxiety. To keep talking, writing surveys, sharing opinions and setting concrete actions are key to improve even more the work environment. “We are all actors in this changing environment”

And outside Ludia?

Leslie is part of two communities and groups here at Montréal:  Montréal Gaymers, a community built for LGBT gamers where they meet for a different range of activities every month, to play games, chat  and debate, and Les Chouettes built for women only, where they have a safe space to talk about anything without wearing a mask. “Finding these communities and building friendships there helped me through my questioning and find growth and confidence”. If you are interested, why not reach out and join them too?

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