Ludia creates and distributes cross-platform interactive entertainment with mass consumer appeal.

Located in Montreal and founded by experienced industry players, Ludia's innovative and high-quality product portfolio consists of original and branded properties including, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?®, Family Feud®, Jurassic Park, Press Your Luck®, The Price Is Right®, Where's Waldo?® and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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Ludia at the Montreal Comiccon - September 13th, 2014

By : Myndessa

For those of you who missed it, Benoît Rullier, Senior designer at Ludia, gave a great presentation on the games Jurassic Park and Dragons: Rise of Berk at the Montreal Comiccon on Saturday, September 13th, 2014. From missions to gameplay including tips and tricks, there was something for everyone. Gamers were even given some "sneak peeks" of features that are not available yet. We are extremely happy to have been part of such an important event and are very proud of Benoît for doing such a great job.


Ludia's Annual Summer Bash

By : Myndessa

Ludia's annual summer bash was a blast! Great food, good music, good company and good weather contributed in making this event a success! Here are some of the highlights! Video produced by Tobie Garceau.


La clé du succès : savoir gérer les équipes

By : Myndessa

Here is "La clé du succès : savoir gérer les équipes", an article recently published on the Lien Multimédia website. Our very own VP of Production, Frédéric Bibet, is featured in this article! Read it here. (Article in French only)


Hors-Jeu 2014 Video

By : Myndessa

The Hors-Jeu 2014 video is finally here! We are happy to share some of the best moments from Ludia's second annual conference with you. Thank you for making this event such a great success!


Beat Market - Hors-Jeu 2014 Musical Guest

By : Myndessa

We are pleased to announce that Beat Market, a Canadian electronic music duo, will be performing at this year’s edition of Hors-Jeu! Their vibrant and futuristic style will surely be a crowd pleaser!


DJ SHAYdakiss - Hors-Jeu 2014 Musical Guest

By : Myndessa

We are thrilled to welcome the charismatic DJ SHAYdakiss to Hors-Jeu 2014 as one of our musical guests. A mix of house, funk and disco, her distinctive sound is sure to make our event one we won't soon forget!


Teaser Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

There are only a few days before our conference Hors-Jeu and we are very excited!! In the meantime … here is a little teaser that will set the tone for the event!

Video produced by Baillat Cardell & Fils


Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

It’s official! Ludia’s entertainment conference, Hors-Jeu, is coming back for its second edition! We are proud to offer an event of this scope to our employees which aims to teach, inspire and share. It is a unique and exclusive opportunity to get some insights on some major influencers’ successes and projects and to discover other industries which are closely related to our own. This year promises to be another great success!


Marie-Louise Arsenault Will Host Hors-Jeu 2014!

By : Myndessa

We introduce Radio-Canada’s Marie-Louise Arsenault as this year’s Master of Ceremony for Hors-Jeu!

Marie-Louise Arsenault has been in the media industry for about twenty years. She worked as a journalist, a radio and television host, a production designer and a director. Since August 2011, she hosts a show she created called Plus on est de fous, plus on lit, which airs on Radio Canada’s Première Chaîne.


Thom Beers : Speaker Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

Thom Beers was named CEO of FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) on September 1, 2012. As CEO, he is responsible for the company’s overall management and business performance and oversees the development, production and business operations of television shows such as “American Idol” (FOX), “Family Feud” (SYN) and “The Price is Right” (CBS). Click here for an interesting interview with Thom Beers.


Katharine Lewis: Speaker Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

Katharine Lewis is Senior Vice President Strategy and Operations, Digital and Branded Entertainment Division for FremantleMedia. Before that, she was Senior Vice President Business Development for FremantleMedia Enterprises Americas, where she was instrumental in several strategic investments including Montreal-based gaming company Ludia.


Amber MacArthur : Speaker Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

Amber MacArthur is a consultant, TV host, and bestselling author. She has chronicled and enabled the growth of social media as a force for improving business and community. Amber owns and runs a small business, Konnekt, which has developed digital strategies for Tony Robbins, Canada Goose, and many others. For up-to-the-minute information, follow Amber on Twitter: @ambermac or visit her website:


Pascal Blanchet : Panelist Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

Illustrator and author, Pascal Blanchet was born in Trois-Rivières in 1980. He has a keen interest for 20th century design, architecture and jazz. He is a self-taught illustrator who creates illustrations for American and Canadian newspapers and magazines. He has worked for Penguin Books, The San Francisco Magazine, The New Yorker and The National Post. For a glimpse into his colourful universe, you can visit his website:


Iris: Panelist Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

Comic book artist, Iris, has a bachelor’s degree in comic books from the Université du Québec and she dedicates her time to various kinds of art forms from painting to illustration, but mostly comic books. Since 2006, she has published several of her works and very recently made her debut into the world of children's books with three publications with La Courte Échelle. Want to find out more? Check out her blog:

Credit: Sophie Samson


Yanick Paquette: Hors-Jeu 2014 Panelist

By : Myndessa

Yanick Paquette is a Quebec illustrator and author who works in the field of American comics. Among the vast amount of comics he has illustrated, there are several DC and Marvel titles including Batman, X-men, Spiderman and Wolverine. Today, Yanick has an exclusive contract with DC Comics. Follow him on Facebook or check out his Deviantart page.


ROBERT CRAWFORD : Speaker Hors-Jeu 2014

By : Myndessa

A veteran of the animation industry, Robert Crawford studied animation in the UK before specializing as a film Optical and Rostrum Camera operator. He completed over 500 commercials, 70 documentaries, and four feature films before the digital era brought an end to the tactile experience. Robert has now completed 24 animated feature films from Heavy Metal and Pink Floyd's The Wall to Mr. Peabody and Sherman and How To Train Your Dragon 2. Currently Robert is a Head of Layout at DreamWorks Animation.


Chris Kenneally : Hors-Jeu 2014 Keynote

By : Myndessa

Film Director Chris Kenneally is this year’s Hors-Jeu keynote!! Chris Kenneally has been working in the movie industry since 1998. He’s a writer, a director and a producer. In 2012 he wrote and directed the critically acclaimed documentary SIDE BY SIDE which features host and producer Keanu Reeves interviewing luminaries on the current state of filmmaking. Chris has been the post production supervisor on many films and most recently worked on HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE.


Mobile Gaming in 2013

By : Angèle

L'Agence Française pour le Jeu Vidéo (AFJV) and eCap Partner (an M&A advisory firm dedicated to managers and shareholders in the digital industry), recently published an infographic shining a light on the key figures related to the video game industry in 2013 in France and around the world. The article states, amongst other things, that video games have strengthened their leading position in the global cultural industry thanks to mobile gaming, and that the “freemium” model has surpassed the premium model in 2013. To know more:



By : Angèle

This year Ludia had the pleasure of participating in the Montreal International Game Summit (aka MIGS) as a bronze partner, and it was a HUGE success!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the MIGS, this is the biggest professional video games industry event in Canada and on the East Coast!

Here are some of the event highlights:

We learnt lots of important things about the gaming industry

Photo credit: MIGS

We met lots of interesting people

Photo credit: MIGS

We came together united for the industry

We talked about the jobs we are passionate about

We showed off our art skills

And, we got to eat candy for breakfast and not feel guilty about it

Photo credit: Laurent Michel Tremblay

A big thank you to the MIGS and to all of those who made this event possible. We would also like to thank those who came by the booth to say hello. It was a true pleasure to meet all of you!

See you next year!


Hors-Jeu: An Overview

By : Ludia

For an overview of hors-Jeu, Ludia's conference which focused on the future of digital entertainment.